Rev Martha Quintana, Senior Minister

Every Blessed Moment

Every Blessed Moment
Rev. Martha Quintana, Senior Minister

Hallelujah! I just thought of the Divine, the Ancient One.  As I think Her, She arrives in all of Her glory; brighter than the morning sun and more ancient than life itself.  The Divine is All There Is – Peace, Love, Beauty, Good, Happiness, Harmony, and Clarity.  The Divine arrives that She might know Herself through Her creation – every creature, being, galaxy, and molecule.  Everyone and everything is an expression of Her.  

I am that expression, too.  The Ancient One arrives on the planet in my life through me.  Every thought and every experience is an expression of my use of Her.  I am wholly aligned with Her and, as a result, I am fully expressed in peace, love, beauty, good, happiness, harmony and clarity.  I know my life through my own expression and participation in it and I arrive fully aware, awake, and ready.  As I know this for me, I know this for the person who reads this prayer and is ready to unconditionally accept unconditional love.  

In this moment, I affirm and declare all is well.  No matter the appearance of my life’s conditions, all is well.  Every moment is blessed and, as I move through each aspect of my life, this blessing shows me the way to happiness, harmony, clarity, beauty, and good.  I unconditionally accept unconditional love and bless everyone around me with it.  I bless my body which supports me so well, my husband and daughter who are both blessings to the world, and I bless my mother, brothers, sister, their families, and my amazingly beautiful and huge extended family.  I bless my spiritual community and know that each person is a blessing that ripples into the world and creates a continuum of good.  I am happy that every moment of my life is blessed.  

I am grateful for my life and for the people that are part of it.  I am grateful for our planet and for the evolution of consciousness.  I am grateful for the rightness of it all and for knowing that we all know the Truth.  I am infinitely grateful that I am unconditionally loved and that this love is a cloak of goodness and truth in my life.  I am the gratitude that I exude.  Thank you, Ancient One.  

Now, I simply release this prayer and know it is done.  And so it is.  Amen.