Limitless Life

Limitless Life
by Alicia K. Hanlen, Practitioner Emeritus
Rio Grande Center for Spiritual Living
Taos Study Group

We are one with a universal creativeness which is the God of theology, the Spirit of mysticism, the Reality of philosophy, and the Principle of science. ~ Ernest Holmes  ~

When we let go of any idea of limitation, an entire new world of possibilities opens up to us!  For what I know to be true is that we are surrounded by a sea of endless opportunities, ideas, and pathways to successful living.  What a gift it is to embrace our creativity and allow it to flow freely in all of our endeavors.  Freed from concepts of fear, lack, and uncertainty, Infinite Life opens up to us in ways we could previously not even fathom.  My mantra today is “I embrace Life and every facet that presents itself this day”.  I say “Yes” to new ideas, knowing they originate in Spirit.  No longer burdened with the “no-thing-ness” of fear or doubt, I rejoice in the path that lies ahead and whatever it may uncover.  I claim my place as a sacred being, a child of the Universe, seeing clearly for perhaps the very first time that I am more than enough!  I am worthy!  I am loved!  As I write these words, I feel the chains loosen and fall away, as I fully embrace my magnificence, releasing all fear and doubt and simply knowing:  God Is; I am.  And so it is.