Nancy Bowers RScP

A Charmed Life

A Charmed Life
by Nancy Bowers, RScP


The days are glorious – a statement to the generosity of God. I pause and take in the sweetness. I stop and admire God’s handiwork. Then I pray, for it returns my heart to what matters. I pray, affirming truth to bring myself back to the arms of the Divine.

There is but One Life, I call this Essence God, the Father. Here in the care of Mother Earth, I come home to Truth. Source Energy is all around me. Spirit is in the honeyed air. Blessings, upon blessings, surround me, and I recognize this Beauty. There is One Source of all things. I call this Power God. Its nature is Goodness. Its essence is Love. It is Gentle and Kind, Generous and Supportive. Our Father is Magnanimous. He is the Great Protector, vigilantly caring for His Children; unselfishly ensuring our place beside Him in His Kingdom. Blessings, upon blessings – Spirit gave us a world that forever conspires for our good. Look around, do you see how charmed a life this is?

And as I pause to appreciate those infinite blessings, I know that God endowed me with the best of what He is. Spirit blessed me with an inheritance befitting a king. For I am made of God stuff. The apple didn’t fall far from the tree, for God made me like Him. God made you that way too. Do you know how precious you are? Do you remember how deeply you are cared for? Won’t you pause for a moment to appreciate the blessings all around you?

So in this moment, right here, right now, I affirm for you a soul that remembers its roots, a consciousness that knows its magnificence; a heart that appreciated how charmed a life your lead. You are born of the stars; galaxies know your name. All the beauty that makes us wild with appreciation for God’s creation is the fabric of our lives. We live amid stardust. We walk among princes. Each of us is the cherished Child of the Divine, so adored, so treasured that God Himself would be bereft without us. So Spirit refused to give up on you. No matter what, She loves you. No matter what, you are welcome into Her aching arms. Eternally, you are Her darling.

Therefore, your life is charmed. No matter how often you fail, you are really just becoming stronger. No matter how frequently you miss the mark, you are only stepping closer to Heaven. Your greatest accomplishments rose out of the ashes of ugly appearances. You may never have known, but you were always being led. Each necessary step carved more compassion into your soul. Each trail took you closer to your truth.

So I give thanks, for I know there is nothing that does not lead us home. I give thanks for God is always there. I give thanks for this charmed life of mine, the same charmed life you lead. Are you ready to notice how much you have to be grateful for? Are you letting the gratitude enter your heart?

Then once the gratitude has gripped you with fierceness deep and ferocious, let it go. Right now, I let this go. I let God handle the details, for the Universe is much more skilled than I at coordinating the un-coordinatable. I let it go and relax into knowingness. My life is charmed, for God is a great orchestrator. Your life is charmed, too. May you always know this is so. And So It Is. Amen.