A Light That Sweeps Away the Darkness

Nancy Bowers, RScP

A Light that Sweeps Away the Darkness
by Nancy Bowers, RScP

God hides nothing from His Son, even though His Son would hide himself. Yet the Son of God cannot hide his glory, for God wills him to be glorious and gave him the light that shines in him. You will never lose your way, for God leads you. When you wander, you but undertake a journey that is not real. The dark companions, the dark way, are all illusions. Turn towards the light, for the little spark in you is part of a light so great that it can sweep you out of all darkness forever, for your Father is your Creator, and you are like Him.” — A Course in Miracles, T. 11.III.5

God, the One Power, the One Creator, is Total, Unadulterated Love. Deep and Abiding, Sweet and Giving. It is Light – a Light so great It can and does sweep away all darkness, all perceived pain and anger – all of that dissipates in the presence of this One Great Love, this One Great Light. It is Pure Joy, Pure Compassion and Understanding AND It never makes real the dark companions I have created to accompany me, for God knows that I have simply wandered off for a moment. I have temporarily forgotten who I am. But Spirit, God, my Father/Mother/The One Source never forgets. It is never confused for It knows who and what It is. It knows who and what I am. My missteps cannot create doubt in the Father, who is Certainty, who is Clarity, who is the Great Love, the Great Illuminator.

And I am part of that. I am the little spark, the piece of the Light that cannot be extinguished. And that spark, God guards it faithfully for me. Within me he places a Holy Protector that refuses to relinquish God’s Son to the mischief I would create. I cannot lose my way, for I am lead by God. I can wander. I can undertake unreal journeys to hell and back, but I cannot forsake heaven, for my Father keeps it for me. I am so loved, so deeply, deeply loved that my place in heaven is assured. My Father waits with open arms for my return. I will be comforted, for God would have it no other way. And my Father has but One Son and therefor what is true of me, is true of all. All are sacred. All are loved. There are no exceptions. There is but one of us here.

So knowing this, I affirm my own greatness. I affirm that the Will of the Father is my will, and I know that will, His Will for me, is pure joy, pure happiness – shout it from the rooftops, sing it in the streets joy! Joy! Knock my socks off, do-you-have-any –idea-how-loved-you-are? joy! Joy!!!! For I know my Father’s Will for me is to be greatness, to be the lover of mankind, the bringer of peace, the way-shower, the beauty-seer, the one who recognizes you for who you are. You have tried to cover it up with littleness, you have denied the truth of your being, but you can never fool me, for God leads. God shows me your beauty. God allows me to see past the messiness, past the dark companions, past the dark journeys to your heart where holiness lies, surrounding the spark that was placed in you. You can never truly lose your way. For God leads you. I am here to remind you. God leads you. Turn towards the light. God leads you. For your Father is your Creator, and you are like him.

And I give thanks for this. I give thanks that I am so very loved. I give thanks you are, too. I give thanks for knowing that there is but one of us here and that we are each of us God’s Son who cannot be forsaken, who will not be denied his Father’s love no matter how often or how far we wander. I give thanks that the game is rigged and that I will always be welcomed back into the Joy my Father keeps for me. I give thanks that Peace is my home, that Love is my truth, that gratitude is my heart and my eyes leak with the sweetness of this knowing. My heart melts into the Love that God enfolds me in.

Then I let go. I allow. God leads me why was I trying to figure it out with my littleness? No more figuring. I follow God. It’s easy. It’s peaceful. In it my freedom lies. Thank you, God, thank you. And So It Is. And so am I. Amen.