A Manna Mindset

Kathleen Miathiason, RScP

A Manna Mindset
by Kathy Mathiason, RScP

“Give us today our daily bread.” Matthew 6:11

The story in the Bible tells of how in ancient days God fed his people with manna: bread from heaven that appeared each morning with the dawn. Each day, the people would only gather enough for that day, because any excess would rot overnight. The act of hoarding was not only prohibited by the law but also made impossible by the conditions. Jesus took this lesson and taught through the Lord’s Prayer for us to pray for our “daily bread.” We are to trust that God will provide for us our “daily bread.” That which is needed for that particular day.

“Daily bread” or my human needs are that which God provides for me on a daily basis. When I first started to practice my Manna Mindset, there appeared to be little or no security in it. My first step was to be grateful each and every day knowing that my needs are being taken care of by that one power I call God. I started a practice of getting up each morning saying, “Let’s do it again, God!” Again, when learning to live with this Manna mindset I had a tendency to be frightened and fearful. The more I practiced this daily spiritual practice the more joyful my life became.

Each day I pray for that “bread” (or money for the mortgage, electric bill, phone bill, etc.) and know that what is needed is provided and I am always taken care of by God. Each day I am thankful and grateful for what has been given to me for that day. Practicing this Manna mindset has given me freedom. Freedom to live my life one day at a time. Freedom not only to have enough but to know that I am enough; I have freedom to express my true authentic self.

So not only are my physical needs being met, but also my spiritual needs. Each day I ask for and receive spiritual nourishment and know that God provides me with enough love, strength and wisdom to continue my spiritual journey.

Ask, think and receive. And so it is.