by Alicia K. Hanlen, Practitioner Emeritus
Taos Study Group – RGCSL

I take this precious moment to sit in the silence. As I breathe in, I feel the
essence of Spirit, as it surrounds me and engulfs me. I allow the fullness of the
experience as I temporarily suspend my attachment to my body. Any thoughts or
concerns of exterior conditions or presumed obstacles are interrupted, and I give
them no leave to enter this moment. I swim in the consciousness of the Infinite,
soaking up the peace, the joy, the solitude. There is nothing outside, no barriers,
no interference – just the simplicity and the totality of my connection with the all-
prevading Presence of Spirit. As a drop of water merges with the entirety of the
ocean, I merge in my connection with the One Life. I allow the feeling of that
freedom to wash over and engulf me in this quiet moment of acceptance of who
and whose I AM. There is peace. There is beauty. The illusion of separation
recedes, as my immersion into the consciousness of the Oneness is complete.
There is acceptance. There is freedom. I soak in the sweetness of this moment,
and savor the taste and the feel of this solitude. I breathe it in. I feel the
Presence. I allow it to be at the forefront of my experience. There is release.
There is surrender. I am filled with a sense of euphoria, as my body, mind and
spirit are refreshed, invigorated, and re-vitalized! As I move forward into my
human experience in this everyday reality, I do so with a renewed sense of
connection with every person I encounter, every circumstance in which I find
myself. There is order. There is grace. I relax into the flow of Life, knowing all is
in perfect, divine right order. Thank you dear Spirit for this revelation of the truth
of my being. I am so blessed.