A Prayer for Awareness of the Right and Perfect Means

Marjorie Larragoite, RScP

A Prayer for Awareness of the Right and Perfect Means
by Marjorie Larragoite, RScP
Practitioner Emeritus

A Prayer for awareness of the right and perfect means for performing useful functions and services in the world. 

Knowing that God is all there is; the infinite guiding Light that lives in all, expresses through all and is all, I come into the awareness of the Divine Presence right here, right now.  This Presence is the Truth of Being of all that exists.  It is within, through and around all that is.  I am one with, in and of this Presence, for it is who I am in expression; my Guide, my entire Life.  It is the Essence, the Energy, the Great Creator that is my truth.  This is also true of all others seeking to fulfill their divine purpose in life, as I am doing.  I relax into this awareness right now.  And knowing that this now manifests in, as and through me and all others, I declare that each person is its instrument and as such, is here to perform useful functions and services in the world.  As a center of Divine Perfection, each one is free from any concern of lack, limitation or strain.  Life flows easily and smoothly and an inner knowing leads each one to the creative activity through which unique gifts can be fully expressed.
Everything is coming together to bring about the opportunity to make and to continue to make a valuable contribution.  Each individual is filled with calm confidence and a powerful expectancy of good.  Something wonderful is taking place in each person’s life, drawing the perfect activity and the energy to achieve that at this very moment.
I realize that any legitimate good desire is right for each person to achieve and that the energy to achieve it is available to each one through Spirit animating the life of each.  Each person accepts inner guidance and is led to take whatever steps are necessary for the right activity to unfold with perfect ease.  The Divine Presence leads each one to the perfect function that fulfills the divine purpose in life.  This is now made manifest.  I now accept this realization and revelation of good.  It comes forth at the perfect time in the perfect way.  For this I now give thanks for I am truly grateful for the right and ideal service in the world for myself and all others seeking that awareness.  With absolute thanksgiving, I release this to the infinite creative aspect of God that brings forth all good.  I now release this, let if go, declare it done.  And so it is.  Amen.