A Prayer for Humanity

A Prayer for Humanity
by Alicia Kay Hanlen
Practitioner Emeritus
Taos Center for Spiritual Living

There is one Life, that Life is God’s life, and my life, and your life – right now.  And contained within that One Life is all of the original energy to facilitate the creation of perfect life conditions.  The experience and outpicturing of abundance, prosperity, wisdom, intelligent action is ever-available to each and every person on this planet.  For what I know to be true is that in God all things are possible, that’s right – all things.

And so I simply allow myself to center on this thought of innate perfection, of wholeness and purity, letting anything and everything unlike that purity to fade away, dissipate and dissolve back into its native nothingness from whence it came.  I feel and experience, by the pure grace of God and Its goodness, this centering and calmness, even in the face of daunting and seemingly disruptive forces.  I let all of that go, and focus solely on the purity and the presence and the power of God – of Divine Life Itself.  In that sweet moment, I know and acknowledge the all in all of the divine pattern, and everything else falls away.  I seek and find peace and I accept and embrace it fully.  As I know these truths for myself, so too I know them for all of humankind.  For what are we if not ultimately connected in the One Life?  What I know to be true for me, I know must be true for all people everywhere, and in particular for all of the world’s leaders.  I focus and see them at their core – knowing that the spark of divinity is present and active in them, just as it is in me.  And as I envision that spark, I fan the flame of peace and divine right action in all endeavors – thoughts, words, and deeds, in matters both large and small.  I envision that spark growing larger and stronger with each passing moment in this consciousness of peace and love for one another.  As I know it grows stronger in me, I know also that for each person hearing or reading these words, it continues to flourish and blossom into its full glorious potential.  And I remember once more – in God All Things are Possible!

With great joy and gratitude, I simply release these words into the Law, knowing that it is done, here, now and always.  And so it is.