A Prayer for Living Life Fully

A Prayer for Living Life Fully
by Tilia Giron Chaplain, RScP

Tilia Giron, RScP

Live! Really live. Live your best life!

Live it fully, ecstatically, enthusiastically, beautifully.

Full out with passion and fun, laughter and music with dinner and dancing, reading and enjoyment, people, family, community, loved ones — whatever, whomever you love.

Do the things you love.

Avoid the things you don’t.

Enjoy your life. Full out. This is your life.

Grab it now and do what you may have put off.
Take the trip.
Do the dance.
Go out.
Stay home.
Stay home.
Sit in Stillness.
Whatever you choose in love.

Your heart can only receive “Yes. It is so!!”

And so it is!!