A Prayer for Lovers

Rev. Martha Quintana. Senior Minister

A Prayer for Lovers
by Rev. Martha Quintana, Senior Minister

There is One Love, a Love so large, so ubiquitous that it energizes every life form everywhere. This One Love creates from Itself for its own experience and, in that experience, Love has its way. Love loves and a galaxy is born. Love loves and birds take flight. Love loves with such brightness that even the sun dims in Its presence. Love is love and beautiful beyond words. Love is love and weaves peace, beauty, and grace into all of Its creation. Love is.

I am born of Love and, in this moment, I am so aligned with It that my entire being shines bright. Any part of me that does not rise to the vibration of love falls away never to return. I am the love I seek and I know as I revel in this love, so does my lover. We are each the beloveds experiencing divine joy and happiness always and in all ways. As I know this love for my beloved and me, I know this love for lovers everywhere.

I affirm and declare for my darling and me, and for darlings everywhere, a joy so perfect that love is easy. I affirm a love so fierce and passionate that loving you makes the relationship easy and I know, I know, I know a love so complete that it heals any wounds love may have left in the past. I walk today in freedom and know this freedom easily and effortlessly. In this freedom, my lover walks, too. We are free together, happy in each other’s company, and we live an authentic life. We are each free to be ourselves and happy to be in each other’s company. What a beautiful day!

Thank you, Love. Thank you for allowing us to find each other. Thank you for giving us the experience of this day, and thank you for giving us this lifetime to work out the mysteries of life. I have been gifted with the perfect partner and I accept this joy unconditionally.

Knowing we are all happy, joyous, and free in this time of love, I release my word into the Law and know this prayer is complete. And so it is.