A Prayer for Mom in the Great Beyond

Rev. Martha Quintana. Senior Minister

A Prayer for Mom in the Great Beyond
by Rev. Martha Quintana, Senior Minister

There is One Life, All Life, which lives through all of Its creation. I call this One Life, God. She is All There Is and is equally present in every point in space – from the top of the highest mountain to the outermost point in the galaxy to the deepest place on the planet. God lives and breathes through all of Her creation. She wants to know herself through the experience of creating and creation. Inherent in all of It is Peace, Love, Happiness, Joy, Health, Abundance, and Truth. Every creation comes with every aspect of God.

I am one with God because I am created from the very fabric of Her being. I am part of All That Is and God wants to know herself as me. Inherent in me is peace, love, happiness, joy, health, abundance, and truth. I come complete for a complete life. As I know this for me, I know this for Mom. She was born of the thought of God and God came to know herself as her. Inherent in Mom is peace, love, happiness, joy, health, abundance, and truth. Mom came complete with Life and even though she has completed and released her mortal coil, she continues to live as the sheer energy of the Divine. I know this, too, for all of the mothers who have passed from this plane.

I affirm and declare joy for Mom. She is swirling in the eddies of love and flies freely in the arms of God. She has been met at the door by her ancestors and friends. They continue to celebrate with her. All are happy and all is well. I also affirm that all of us who are left on the physical plane are surrounded in love and swept up in the arms of God. The love Mom has for us, and we for her, is a bridge that creates the eternal communication of the soul. Nothing is lost as Mom moves on. Everything is gained by her new awareness and by healing whatever is left to heal in order that we might love unconditionally. I let it be exactly what it is.

I give thanks for Mom, for her life, and her right and perfect place in my life. I am so grateful for what we shared and even grateful for all that we didn’t. Her influence stretches into every aspect of my life and I am part of the great beyond, too. She has taken me there because we are all part of the same family energy. I am happy she was here and that all is now well. I look forward to seeing her again.

Now, I release this prayer on the wings of love knowing that the message has been delivered and the Universe has already responded. Y asi es. Amen.