A Prayer for People Diagnosed with Cancer

Rev. Martha Quintana. Senior Minister

A Prayer for People Diagnosed with Cancer
by Rev. Martha Quintana, Senior Minister

This past year several of my family and friends have been given a health diagnosis of cancer. While we know the diagnosis isn’t who they are, we know that it is a startling condition that changes everything about their reality. Suddenly time is more precious, and love is more important. Transformation is a reality and knowing the self is paramount. Love of self and others appears to be a healing factor. This prayer is for self-love. 


There is One Love so great, so ubiquitous that It is everywhere. I call this Love now and recognize It as the Life Force that is constant and that creates. Love is All There Is.  It loves and a star is born. Love loves and a new solar system is born. Love loves and a new baby gives its first lusty cry. Love is the energy that holds the entire world together, that allows people to see each other and know faith again, and that nurtures each person in health, harmony, and beauty.

I am this love loving the world. In this moment, my eyes are so bathed in love that I look inward at myself and know any imbalance is removed and balance is restored. I look outward at the world and only see the truth of each person. All is well with all I see.  As I know this for me, I know this for the person reading this prayer. In this moment, your eyes are so bathed in love that as you look inward any imbalance is removed and balance is restored. As your eyes look out, all you see is the loving truth of each person and the world.

With this perspective, I affirm and declare for every person diagnosed with cancer, a new day. I affirm that precious time is on his or her side and that all that is necessary for healing is already afoot. I affirm and declare true love, joy, and an unparalleled happiness. As each person surrenders cancer, the dis-ease is replaced with a deep love, deep faith, and deep knowing. All there is is love and I affirm every resource, person, place, and/or thing that is necessary for a beautiful life is already a part of his or her life. All is well.

With this knowing, I give thanks for each person who has the courage to walk through cancer. I am grateful that each has an experience that elevates his or her fellow human beings and that as the sun sets on cancer, the new sun rises on health. Each person is blessed, and all is well.

With this grateful heart, I release my word back into the Law and know it is done. And so it is! Amen.