A Prayer for The Grieving Heart

A Prayer for The Grieving Heart
by Rev Martha Quintana, Former Senior Minister

I miss my grandmother, Magdalena, even now.  When I was growing up, she was my favorite person because I knew she loved me. I didn’t have to be special or do anything special, she just loved me.  When she passed away in 1993, the world seemed darker and not the same anymore. I missed her, her wisdom and her humor.  Over time, grief gave me passage to another part of me that contained her.  I internalized my grandmother so that she, and I, could go on living.  Today I know I contain her wisdom and humor, and I remember her with the same unconditional love she showed me.  This prayer is for you and me on those days when we miss that special someone.


There is One Love; Love so ubiquitous that it can be found in the smallest and the largest places.  This Love is found in the darkest nights of every soul and found in the most joyful moments, too. Love is what I call God and I see It when the birds fly over and under each other.  I see this Love when the sun shines through the rain creating the colors of the rainbow.  Love is everywhere!

Love is right where I’m seated writing this prayer.  In this moment, I am so wholly and perfectly unified with Love that, anything unlike it, falls away never to return. I am this love even in the darkest nights of my grief and I am love even in the most joyful moment of my life. Love never abandons me and is always with me. I accept this.  As I have this acceptance for me, I have it for the person reading and knowing this prayer right now.  Love is right where you are, too, loving you each and every moment.  Love is right there in the darkest night of the soul and in the most joyful moments of life.  Love is.

In this moment of love, I affirm and declare peace, the peace that surpasses all human understanding.  Love takes my soul to the place in consciousness where I know all is well.  The person I miss is only gone in the physical.  Her love lives on in me and all the people she loved.  Love surrenders the dark and light takes it place.  I affirm and declare for every person praying this prayer, who has ever loved someone with all his/her/their heart and lost them, that nothing is lost.  Love lets grief find its way to another part of his/her/their self and the loved one continues to live on forever.  No one is lost, not when Love is present.

I am grateful for my grandmother and her unconditional love.  I am grateful to have had her in my life and to know that, even today, she lives in perfect harmony in my soul.  I am grateful that this knowing extends to every person praying this prayer.  My gratitude takes this prayer into all parts of consciousness and lets love live there.  I am grateful.  With a heart filled with goodness and gratitude, I release this prayer back into the Law where my word is accomplished. Y asi es.  Magdalena Presente!