A Prayer of Remembering

Kamatara Johnson, RScP

A Prayer of Remembering
by Kamatara Johnson, RScP

“Hafiz is a divine envoy upon whom the Beloved has written a holy message.” from Now Is the Time by Hafiz

There is only One.  One Life, One Heart, One Mind. This One is expressing in an Infinite variety of ways, including all of life as we know it and even beyond what we can understand.  This is the Sacred Essence that makes up you and me and all of us.  There is no separation in the Divine.

So I am one of the many expressions of the One, a part of the Whole and yet a completely whole part.  I am the place where Love lives and the Divine shines.  And I remember that is who I am…the I AM.   

Knowing I am an “envoy of the Divine,” I accept that I am “a holy message.”  My life is the prayer that God prays.  The Divine expresses in me, through me, as me. I stand a bit taller, breath more deeply, and see the joy and magic of life even more today.   I am patient and compassionate, gentle and kind.  I am filled with energy and light and love because I am aligned with the Divine that is the Presence and Power within.  I know what I’m made of and that makes my day even richer as I have access to all the qualities of God should I but open to their reality as my reality.  

I am so grateful for this moment of prayer, of remembering the Truth of who I am.  I appreciate how this friendly Universe works and that God is all there is.  I can bank on it and know that I know because It is! I surrender to all that I am, that I could be, that God is.

Stepping into this Flow of the Divine more fully than ever before, I release this prayer into the Law knowing that all is well and good.  And so it is.