A Prayer to Detox

Kamatara Johnson, RScP

A Prayer to Detox
by Kamatara Johnson, RScP

There is only One Loving Source, animating this beautiful life.  It is bountiful joy and abundant vitality.  It is Infinite bliss and tender loving care.  This Sacred Essence is life-affirming, which is the design of the Universe, all leading to my best and highest good…because I am an expression of this Sacred Essence.  The Universe is with me and for me. I have access to this joy, vitality, bliss, and tender loving care. I embody those Divine qualities, knowing that my life is positive and good.

Rooted in this view of the Friendly Universe, I release any negative thoughts, tension, stress, anxiety, or judgment that my mind might say against me.  It is not my Truth, just a passing thought, so I let it go. I surrender all toxic thoughts, words, relationships, and ways of being. I give that all over to the Divine to be transformed into a life-affirming experience of bounty and joy.  That is my Truth, to know that this life is good should I but choose it.  So I choose it now. I am rooted in the Divine knowing that all is well and the Universe is conspiring for my good. I have no worries for all my needs are met in the Divine.  Life flows from one experience to the next in a peaceful and wonderful way. That is my new normal. I claim it.

And, I give thanks for it.  I am so grateful to surrender whatever feels wrong or stressful, to give it over to the Divine, so I am free to pick up whatever feels good and peaceful. I lean into the Divine and keep my heart and mind open to the bounty that is Life. I appreciate this prayer time to remember my Truth so I can live that Truth today.

So I release this prayer, knowing the power of my word to create my experience. I have already manifested this joy and peace in my heart now and savor it all day long. So I let it go and enjoy. And so it is.