A Recipe for a Day of Self-Love

A Recipe for a Day of Self-Love
by Chaplain Tilia Giron, RScP

Tilia Giron, RScP

At the beginning of each day, as part of your beginning prayer/meditation time, send to yourself love, and grace, welcoming all the blessings available to you this day.

Send love and blessings as well to all your anticipated projects, or commitments, along with a parcel of joy, ease, strength, and success.

Ask yourself as you go about your day.
Who or What am I valuing here? What is it I want to value?

Watch for causes of stress.
Some you can avoid, especially, if in the pause, you consider whether you might find another way to proceed.

Send love to anything and everything that causes you stress or duress.

From time to time, Remember to send love first to yourself, then to any and all persons, places, things or events. Hold all together in a bouquet of love.

To all the unanticipated events and twists and turns, Welcome them and ask, What gift do you bring me? Let me embrace you, accept the gift and release you back into the field of love and joy.

And at day’s end, Thank them all including yourself, giving love and appreciation.

Finally, close the day with gratitude and serenity knowing tomorrow is another day for more love, joy, learning and expanding.

And so it is!