A Time To Contemplate

A Time To  Contemplate
Barbara Kraft Hernandez , Former RScP

Barbara Kraft, RScP

Winter is the season for hibernation, when plants and animals slow down and hide from the cold weather.  Humans are no different. We stay inside more often, some people get depressed with the shorter days and less warmth and sunlight.

With this slowing down of activities comes a wonderful opportunity to contemplate ones life as it is and as you want it to be. Its an opportunity to examine what is working, what is not and how we think about both. This lends itself to the saying, change your thinking change your life.

I offer a treatment for changing the things that are not exactly where we want them to by changing how we think about them.

The Universal Mind is the one Source of all things seen and unseen. It is the energetic force that has created all and continues to create all. Everything that we see, think, feel, handle, work with is a manifestation of this source. The ideas that created all this are inspired by that One Mind. It is omnipresent and omnipotent. It is Love, that experience that animates our lives and brings joy and happiness. It is that Source that connects all things together so that what I think is manifest.

I am one with this Source. It is in me and manifests as me in all my dealings. I have the powerful presence at my fingertips to use for there is no separation between me and this powerful, omnipresent Source.
I use this for my good. I bring forward all the things I desire in my life by knowing that it is of this wonderful Source. I make choices in my thinking that are exact images of the outcome I desire for the Universal Mind provides that which I impress upon it. I pay close attention to my thinking so that what I am putting out is the thing I want to come back to me. By doing this I create the existence that I want to live. If my mind wanders to the point my thinking is not focused on my intended goal, I take the time to adjust my thinking, moving away from any fear so that I am able to create my desired outcome and not something less.

I am so grateful for this ability and this outcome that I have created for myself. I am grateful to know that I have the tools to do and be the person God intended me to be. I love my life just the way that it is and just the way that it is not for I know it is perfect and I am making it better each and everyday with my thoughts.

I release this into the Law knowing that my thoughts and word will not come back to me void but will produce exactly the impress I give it.

And So It Is