A Treatment for Oneness

A Treatment for Oneness
by Rev. Karen Linsley, M.A., Interim Minister

Spirit.  The universe.  The Stuff that Is.  God.

No matter what I call it, I see it everywhere I look.  In the sky, in the ground, in the birds and the four-legged critters.  And I feel it in me, because I know that God is everywhere present!  

And today I speak my word for Oneness.  For that deep knowingness that I am one with God.  For I know, as Ernest Holmes said, (paraphrasing) that the only God I will ever know is the one I embody.  And so I am speaking for embodiment today.  I am speaking for actively seeking out all those wonderful qualities of spirit and BEING those qualities.  I BE love.  I BE power.  I BE joy.  I BE wisdom.  And so I walk emanating those qualities in all of my affairs.  I speak love, I claim my power, I feel joy and I radiate wisdom.  I am one.

And so with great gratitude for this teaching called Science of Mind, I release my words into that law that is jumping up and down with an enthusiastic YES! 

And so it is!