A Treatment for Perfect Health

A Treatment for Perfect Health
by Alicia K. Hanlen, RScP
Practitioner Emeritus
Taos Center for Spiritual Living

And so we come to that place of Center, that place where God’s presence is felt and known and experienced AS the very core of our being. Take a moment and just breathe in the peace, the harmony, and the Love. Feel yourself absorbing the essence of Life in all of its splendor and glory, in its simplicity and purity. I know that right here and right now and right where I am is the place where God resides, and that the Allness of God is with me in every way possible. And I know because we are all connected as ONE, of course, wherever you are, you are right now beside me in consciousness — for there is no boundary, no separation by time or space in the consciousness of the Oneness.

And so I know for each and every one of us we arrive at this place of perfect balance – mind, body and spirit. We know, truly know, that we are reflections of Spirit, individually made manifest as each one of us. We accept that we are worthy of our healing, worthy to be free from bodily pain or immobility, worthy to be at peace within our own being. As we place ourselves in perfect alignment with this Oneness of God, we know each and every step of the way exactly what to do, how to do it, and when to do it, for our highest and greatest good and for our perfect outcome of healing – be it of mind, body or spirit. We free ourselves from any form whatsoever of fear or doubt, as we place our ultimate trust in that power that heals, in us, and as us. We fully embrace our physical body as God’s gift, and see and feel and know God’s energy flowing freely through us right now.

Our mind and spirit rejoice in the peace we feel encircling us in this moment. We release anything unlike that perfection — in thought, word or action. Free from fear, free from pain, free from thoughts of limitation, we rejoice in the effortless grace of the Oneness. Open and receptive to our inner guidance, listening and following it each step of this journey, grounded in that place of Center –we are indeed spiritually renewed beings of Light and Love.

What a joy it is to behold this perfect state of wholeness and harmony! What a privilege it is to be here together, in thought, in Truth, and in this Absolute Reality, so grateful for all of the goodness of Life! Thank you Spirit, for this vision revealed to us this and every day.

And so this word is released into God’s grace, lifted up, set free and transformed as manifest Reality. Blessed and grateful, we say, and So It Is!