A Treatment for Perfectly Balanced Health
by Alicia Kay Hanlen
Practitioner Emeritus
Taos Study Group

Dear Spirit, Mother-Father God, Universal Life Energy, right here and right now I feel your presence intimately, for I know that right where I am, that is where you are.  There is no separation, there is no boundary in this Infinite Love in which I live, move, breathe and have my very being.  I revel in the knowledge of my connection with all living beings, for we are all One. I feel the connection with each and every living human being, for we are all joined together in consciousness and in truth.

And so from this place of unity with all kindred spirits, I speak my word seeing, knowing and stating my truth with authority.  I accept as my birthright that I am made from my God-source, which is perfect, whole and complete in every conceivable manner.  I take this in totally as the essence of who I am – mind, body, emotions and spirit.  I feel the energy radiating in my being, flowing effortlessly throughout me in perfect harmony and synchronicity, aligning within me anything that may have previously had the appearance of dis-ease or caused any inharmonious feelings. I accept my perfect state of being as being poised, grounded and balanced, and I discard anything that does not align with that perfect state, as it is no longer necessary in my current life experience.  And as I know this to be my truth, so too I know it to be true for each and every one of us, for we are absolutely connected in our Oneness!

Joyfully, gratefully, and with profound acceptance of this state of wholeness, I rejoice for this absolute revelation of the truth of who we all are – the Light of Life, in human form, radiating with the vibration of pure Spirit.  And so joined with humanity in consciousness – I say “YES” to health, “YES” to harmony, and “YES” to balanced living.  Thank you, thank you, thank you, dear Spirit for this acceptance and transformation!  And so I just let these words go, placing them into the immutable law, where they are done, here, now and always.  And so it is.