A Treatment for Prosperity

A Treatment for Prosperity
by Marilyn O’Leary, RScP

The Living God, the Living Source of All-Being, is all there is. Everything that is, is made out of this Divine Substance.

This holy source is joy, peace that passeth all understanding, abundance, love, health and well-being, — it is Life itself. It is prosperity, and I am prosperous because I know that God is in me and expresses through me. All of the substance of the holy Universe is available to me now at all times in all places.

I am one with this Divine Substance, this Divine Life. It expresses through me, in me, as me. Thus, I am peace, I am well-being, I am love, I am abundance, I am prosperity. I am in the flow of good. I give and I receive. As I give of my spirit self, I know that my gift is limitless. There is no end to it, there is no shortage of it, there is no lack. My gifts from and of God are limitless, as Spirit is limitless. The more I give, the more I receive.  I am prosperous in all areas of my life. I experience an abundance of love – love of Spirit, love of family, friends and pets. I experience peace – the peace of God that is in me.  I experience health and well-being, for I know my body and spirit know how to heal me. I experience an abundance of time.  I know I am in the flow of all good.

As this is true for me, I know that it is true for everyone who reads these words and believes them. I affirm for each person the faith that allows him or her to know that there is no end to the abundance God has for us, in us, and through us.  I affirm this, and I know it is so.

I give thanks to the Universe for abundance, prosperity, and all other gifts of spirit that express through me. I give thanks for the Universal Law which takes my words and fulfills them.

I release my word to the Law of love and fulfillment, and know it is so. And so it is.