A Treatment for Trust

A Treatment for Trust
by Alicia K. Hanlen, Practitioner Emeritus
Taos Study Group

I know that there is one Presence, one immutable Source, which flows throughout me at every moment, and is always accessible when I turn within. So, in this here and now moment, I do just that – I turn within as I recognize this power and presence in my life, operating as my life. And so I accept and know that this Source provides me with everything I need in my recognition of its power, its creative energy, and its love.

As I think upon the circumstances and conditions surrounding my present situation, I take a moment and breathe out any sense of fear or doubt, any tensions or false expectations appearing to be real. I know that Divine Guidance provides everything I need to make any important decisions, to take any action steps required. And with my very next breath, I fill my being with the divine essence of grace – with that wondrous knowing that I am fully supported and totally open to accept my good in this, and indeed in every, situation. I know that I have the innate ability to listen, truly listen, for my inner guidance and then trust that guidance. There are no boundaries, no time limitations, no barriers to that guidance. As I turn within, I simply let go of any specific expectations of the outcome of this matter or current life situation, and instead focus my intention on the never-ending, always available flow of my good. I trust and know that in God, there are no boundaries, no restrictions, no large and no small, and with the utmost faith and trust, I anchor my belief in that trust and in that knowing. I surrender the fear, I let go of the doubt, and in that action, I feel the lightness return to my being. My guidance is at hand, it allows for all righteous decisions for my highest and best in all areas of my life. I am divinely guided with how to proceed, and all of the right individuals and situations present themselves to me with ease and grace. My path opens up before me as my guidance leads the way. My abundance is assured, my peace of mind abounds, as the path awaits my acceptance of it, and I do so now with great gratitude.

Dear Spirit – thank you, thank you, thank you, for showing me this truth revealed, for allowing it to surface to the forefront of my awareness. As I place these words into the Law, I know that the activity of Spirit is already in motion. And so, with much love and an abundance of faith that all is well, I declare “And so it is.”