A Treatment on Forgiveness

A Treatment on Forgiveness
by Alicia K. Hanlen, Practitioner Emeritus
Taos Study Group

And I believe and know and accept for myself that there is One Presence, whole, perfect and complete, which resides at the very center of my being. This knowing allows me to elevate my consciousness to the realization that everything that needs to be known and realized is now known and realized. I speak today from and through that Unifying Presence on forgiveness, for my heart tells me we can always use a tune-up on this matter. And what is forgiveness if not just a way of seeing each other as ourselves, doing the best that we can, occasionally falling down, but picking ourselves up, brushing off what we no longer need, and moving forward. We may get angry with the crack in the road that caused us to fall, disappointed that we were so foolish as not to see the crack, or sad that the proprietor of the road did not take enough care to fix it. But nonetheless, we need only to look within to see that we too, in our own lives, may have caused a “crack in the road” for someone else.

So with great gentleness today, at this very moment, as we reflect on what went before, we just let go of past grievances, knowing that they no longer serve us. We release any sense of tension, guilt or shame about the past. We forgive others, and just as importantly ourselves, for any transgressions, omissions or lapses in judgment that may have caused pain. Just allow a moment to allow that feeling of pure forgiveness and release to soak into your mind, body and soul. And now we are free, cleansed, and pure of heart. We greet the day with a sense of total commitment to new beginnings, free from any lingering burdens of the past. We know that Spirit is right where we are—cheering us on, providing support, inspiration and love for the unfolding our hearts and minds.

Filled with love and gratitude as I know this truth for myself, and for all who may be reading or hearing this treatment, together we go forth refreshed and unafraid, as we greet the day with boundless joy and great gratitude. And so it is.