A World of Good

A World of Good
by Rev. Gil Olmstead, Spiritual Director

We live in a world of “good.”  A world where the One power back of all things is always opening the space for us to expand and grow. That One power is my essence. The One and I are one, my having access to all that Is! Just as each one is imbued with this same access,

So in every situation I know that there is through that serves all. The One is forever revealing and creating, so that there is no “blockage” in this life, there is only opportunities to see a new way, a new understanding, a new possibility, This is the truth that lives as each one of us.

And for this I am grateful. Grateful to release the Either/Or my mind and embrace the possibility of the One Mind!

Knowing this to be true, I release these words as they have manifested in their fullness long before this moment.

And so It is!