Absolutes Of Your Truth

Absolutes Of Your Truth
by Rev Bonny Allen Rice, Minister

page 423 Science Of Mind Textbook

The essence of spiritual mind healing – and of all true religious philosophy – is an inner realization of the Presence of Perfection within and around about. It is the hope of heaven, the voice of God proclaiming: “I am that which thou art, thou art that which I am.”

Consciousness Transformed
page 276 Joel Goldsmith

“Let the truth necessary for today flow to you from the kingdom of God, from the kingdom of Divine Consciousness which is within you, Whatever truth is necessary to you at any time is available at the time you need it.”

Beloved Spirit in whom I live and breathe and have my being. I welcome this moment in the perfect unity and alignment of truth. The One as infinite quickens in this moment of awareness the movement of being in an awakened state of human memory. This awareness, with all the consciousness that it brings, and more, is mine!

Change is constant, yet the absolutes of your truth remain as always to lead, guide and comfort me. There is no division. I am in deep and abiding Gratitude for this Truth. in the unity of the One, only the good of Spirit is manifesting, no matter what the appearance. I can not be separated from the absolute truth. In perfect acceptance of life unfolding and the movement of change, I speak my word for the “Peace which passes understanding”. That peace lives within me and I call it forth into my awareness, expression and experience.

Be still, recognize, hear, and feel the beauty of this peace within. As I focus on the peace I am grateful, with a deep and abiding gratitude, for that which I can change and that which I can not, knowing that in your perfect world all is well.

With Much Love!