Abundance Comes To Me From All Sources

Abundance Comes To Me From All Sources
by Marilyn O’Leary, RScP

I begin this prayer with a deep breath that reminds me that Spirit is always as close to me as my breath. Divine Spirit is all there is. It is the stuff of which all things are made. It is the beginning without a beginning, the end without an ending. It is Everywhere.

Spirit is Goodness, Peace, Love, Abundance, Joy, Harmony, and Health. It is the wholeness of all of these things. It is wholly good, wholly peace, wholly love, wholly abundant, wholly joy, and wholly health.

Since Spirit is everywhere, permeating all – including the cosmos and including me, all I need is here now for me.

I affirm that in this time of timelessness, God is expressing in my life as all goodness, all peace, all love, all abundance, all joy, all, harmony, and all health.

This means that I am open to all Good that exists behind any appearances to the contrary. That I feel Peace and am Peace now. That I receive and give Love. That I am in the flow of Abundance, which comes to me from all sources, that my life is Harmonious as the most beautiful symphony, and that I am the full expression of radiant Health.
As this is true for me, it is true for each person who reads these words. I declare for each person reading these words the ability to see and receive the Goodness in everyone; the ability to feel the Peace that passeth all understanding; the full experience of the Love that motivates the Universe; the flow of Abundance from known and unknown sources; the Joy that is in laughter; the Harmony of the dancing of the star; the well-being and Health that permeates every cell of every body.

And so I am thankful for the givingness of Spirit that gives us all things we are ready to receive. I am thankful for the Law that takes my word and returns it to me manifest. And I am so thankful for each person who reads these words.

And I release these words now to the Law with great confidence, knowing that the Law only says YES to all I affirm.

And so it is.