by Greg Gardner, RScP

What I know is that god is truly all there is. 
In all the immensity of the universe, the abundance 
is almost beyond comprehension. 
On this planet the diversity, the abundance 
of life itself is almost beyond comprehension. 
Every day I look around and see abundance everywhere. 
I see planes & cars, sunshine & clouds animals, & well fed, well clothed people. 
In the midst of such abundance, I call forth the 
consciousness of abundance for the Rio Grande Center For Spiritual Living. 
I call forth the consciousness of abundance for Rev Gil, the 
Practitioners and congregation of the Rio Grande Center. 
I open myself to the abundance that surrounds me. 
I allow abundance to pour into myself, my Center & its congregants. 
I allow. I allow. I allow abundance to pour forth freely.
I am profoundly grateful for the abundance that pours forth so freely and generously.
Knowing it is done and that all is well.
I declare it so.
And so it is! Amen
Asi es!