Accept Yourself

Russell Tobey Pope

Accept Yourself
by Russell Tobey Pope, RScP
Practitioner Emeritus

You are a child of universal Love which is all there is.
As I am writing this daily affirmation I am remembering this song we sung doing an inner-child workshop which I was on staff in Denver. It was very powerful as people realized who they were and stopped judging.

Song title “How Could Anyone” by Libby Roderick

How could anyone ever tell you
You were anything less than beautiful
How could anyone ever tell you
You were less than whole
How could anyone fail to notice
That your loving is a miracle
How deeply you’re connected to my Soul…

These words are especially true as you think about yourself.

Its time to stop judging ourselves and start accepting and loving who we are. We are a manifestation of God. That’s all there is to it.  As you love the eternal everlasting God, love Yourself the same way because that’s who you are.

Say to yourself “I love myself just the way I am and just the way I am not.” It’s even more powerful if you look at yourself in the mirror. Love that image in the mirror.

I have to admit I scared the heck out of myself the first time I did this. Who was that man in the mirror anyway?

Thank you everlasting Spirit.

As you release these words, know and believe they are true.