Accepting Free, Peaceful Life

Accepting Free, Peaceful Life
by Chris Duvall, RScP

I invoke One Free Life which is God. It is the all-powerful, all present, all understanding Sacred Source, our essence, substance, and peace.

Releasing all mistaken beliefs about lack, limitation, otherness, or entitlement, I call to Unity, which is the fulfillment of every unique expression.  I open to Light and Love, to Its infill, saturation and elevation.  I claim that It is now dissolving every impurity and is bringing forth the realization that Life is one.  It is aligning us to the understanding that we are in service of It.

Through this prayer, which intends to be in accord with God’s will, I nurture all that Free Life needs to succeed, including enough inner and outer harmony for peace to prevail within each one, between every two, among all groups.  I declare a merger of heaven and earth sufficient to push back and contain forces of darkness in order for freedom to prevail.  I strengthen the social joints where necessary differences converge. I bless communication that is clear, loving, and truthful.  I protect all that is needed for free life to flourish.

On behalf of all, I accept the resolution of conflict through friendly, respectful ways. I accept the broad practice of sufficiency, enabling all to live abundantly, willing to share excess.  I accept the fruits of disciplined prayer through the perturbations of readjustment triggered by those who stand in their freedom and power.  I accept the love and light that is now spreading irrepressibly through the world.  I shine it upon the people, animals, lands that need peace and protection right now.

I am grateful for the Power of Love and the opening of earth to receive Peace. I am grateful for so many joining together in proclaiming this High and First Cause of good. I am grateful that peace is now blessedly accomplished on earth. I release this word into Spiritual Law. And, so it is.