Accepting the “What Is”

Liza Kerr, RScP

Accepting the “What Is”
by Liza Kerr, RScP

Today I am contemplating the immortal journey and the slipping out of one life/existence into another.  Never ending, throughout time.  Where do we go, what do we bring with us?  How do we know when someone is an old soul?  How can one soul be older than another if we have always existed and always will?  Do we re-entangle with the souls we have touched on our current journey?  Is that why some people seem so familiar or is it just the energy they put off?  Was there a beginning, what was before the beginning?  Is there an end, what happens after the end?

There is one God that is ubiquitous, timeless, never beginning, never ending, just is.  That God, my God, is a part of me and a part of whom I am, yet I am an individualized expression of God.  Not the Creator but a creation, a masterpiece. 

I know that on my journey the one constant is the presence of God – always a part of me, always with me.  I know that acknowledging this presence and accepting it as part of me brings me comfort.  I know that I am able to embrace this presence and consciously utilize it to achieve my goals and to help others.  The source is unlimited all it takes is conscious effort.  This is true here and now, and for all of my existence.  No separation from me and God – we take the journey together.  Beginnings and endings lose their hold on my consciousness as I slip into the present.  All that matters is ‘what is’ right here and right now.  I lovingly accept ‘what is’, I embrace it and contemplate it, I use the ‘what is’ to understand who I am right now.  Each breathe propelling me into the next moment and a different reality, each breathe my first breathe, each breathe my last breathe.  I surround and fill myself with loving acceptance.  I welcome and embrace ‘what is’.  Everything else melts away. 

I am so blessed for knowing that this is the way it is, simple, but not easy.  I give gratitude for releasing any preconceived notions of what is should like and accept what it is.

I release this prayer to the law of mind, knowing that it cannot come back to me void.  AND SO IT IS!