Acknowledging the Creator of All Things

Acknowledging the Creator of All Things
by Rev. Gil Olmstead, Spiritual Director

With great gratitude I acknowledge the Creator of all things! The Spirit that is in as and through all things, all people, all creation. I know that this same Spirit has imbued me and you with the essence of Itself. So I stand ready to access all the wonder of the Creator because that is my very essence.

Today I surrender to this truth! I allow myself to know what know, to be who i am to be, and to see the truth everywhere. I let go of any “smallness” that my mind comes up with and I allow my thoughts to be formed by the One Mind, from the perfection of the One Life. I know that all good and love is the essence of my being as it is the essence of the One Spirit. I surrender all my thoughts and actions to this truth.

For this I am eternally grateful. Releasing this word into the Truth of the Creator allow it to be done now and always.

And So it is!