Mini Meditation Retreat

As we near the beginning of winter and the approach of the winter solstice, the earth rests and animals hibernate. Let’s take a cue from the natural world to take a few hours to quiet our bodies and calm our minds.

Come to a 3-hour retreat of self-care and meditation during which we will get in touch with Spirit within, commune with our deeper Selves, and feel a magical connection with those meditating with us.

The focus of the meditation retreat is to relax and be open to Spirit. “In meditation you explore the subconscious realm without a shopping list, just to experience and feel what you find there. Meditation gets you comfortable with a quality of being beyond the logical, linear, temporal, and spatial ego-viewpoint. You enter into beingness for its own sake.” Jesse Jennings, More Than We Seem


Saturday, December 04
1:00 – 4:00 pm at RGCSL.
$25 or Love Offering

Facilitated by Marilyn O’Leary RScP

Things to bring: scarf or wrap for warmth; pillow to sit on if you want; something to write on.