Beyond Limits

Change your thinking, change your life. This course teaches the student how to use the principles of Science of Mind to lead a richer, more fulfilled life. Topics include Oneness, the Art of Spiritual Mind Treatment, the Reciprocal Universe, the Creative Process, Hidden Beliefs, and the Ten Core Concepts. Beyond Limits or Foundations is a pre-requisite for all other certified classes.
Facilitated by: Tammi Lambert, RScP & Ministerial Intern
Tammi is a Licensed Spiritual Practitioner with the Rio Grande Center for Spiritual Living in Albuquerque, NM. She is in her final year of ministerial school with the Holmes Institute where she will receive her Master’s Degree in Consciousness Studies with a Certification in Ministry. For the past four years, Tammi has been sharing her love of the Divine across the country by leading inspirational talks, providing trainings, meditations, and broadcasting daily Spiritual Mind Treatments. Tammi is an enrolled member of the Jicarilla Apache Nation in New Mexico.
Tammi has been a licensed attorney in New Mexico for 20 years. She is currently the presiding judge for a Native American tribe in New Mexico. Her commitment is to create a world that is powerfully conscious and transforming itself in every area of life, including government, courts, the private sector, and any area where there is a potential for making a positive difference. Tammi and her wife, Annette, have been together for 15 years. They have two daughters, a dog and two cats.

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January 15th – March 18th
Length of Class: 10 weeks
Prerequisite: None           
*Registration Fee for Home Office: $45.00         
*Inspired Giving for facilitator and facility

Required Books:
*How to Change Your Life by Ernest Holmes                     
*Creative Ideas by Ernest Holmes 
*Beyond Limits Student Workbook

Prosperity Plus

Unpack the 10 universal laws that govern an abundant life and have the opportunity and encouragement to put these universal laws into daily practice.
Participants Will Discover:
• A proven method to unlock new financial energy and resources
• How to attract more abundance, effortlessly!
• Wealth they already have that they don’t even know they have
• How to release their blocks to living with more ease and flow
• How to create a vision for the life of their dreams that includes wealth in every area of their lives from relationships and health to career and living their purpose

Facilitated by: Kamatara Johnson, RScP & Ministerial Intern

Kamatara Johnson is in her third year of ministerial school with the Holmes Institute. Kamatara has a master’s degree in Organizational Leadership and is a veteran teacher and facilitator with over 20 years’ experience in empowering effective and meaningful communication with youth and adults. Utilizing prosperity principles learned through Science of Mind, Kamatara has personally moved from surviving to thriving, welcoming great changes and prosperity into her life.

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January 18th – March 21st
9:00– 11:30 am in Social Hall
Length of Class: 10 weeks
Prerequisite: None

*Class is free with your Pledge/Tithe Gift Certificate
*Student Workbook $15.00
*Inspired Giving for facilitator and facility