Successfully Navigating Change
One Day (3 hour)Workshop

They say the only two sure things in life are death and taxes, but I think there is a third sure thing: change. Life changes from day to day, from week to week, and from year to year. And yet, the thing I hear most from people is that they don’t like change. And even if we welcome change, it isn’t always pleasant. Join me for an exploration of change and how to successfully move through it so that we can use change to recreate ourselves in ever more wonderful ways.

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March 27, 2021 (via Zoom)

MST 10:00- 1:00

Love Offerings Accepted

Treatment and Meditation

Rev. Karen will be teaching a ten week Certificated Class called Treatment and Meditation. This class fulfills a requirement for those on Practitioner track but is also an extremely valuable entry into the world of spiritual practice. In addition, it is an excellent refresher course for those already doing a daily spiritual practice. In this class, you will explore the relationship between yourself and God, as well as your inner life and your powerful co-creative nature.

Your instructor:

Rev. Karen is a speaker, author and podcaster who lives in Northern Nevada. She has been creating and presenting thought provoking and powerful workshops and retreats, as well as teaching, since 2008. She became a minister in 2014 after graduating from Holmes Institute.

Contact Rev. Karen for a pdf of the student workbook.

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Thursday Nights for 10 weeks
Starting March 04, 2021
Time: 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM MST
Cost: $295
Required texts: “Can We Talk To God?” By Ernest Holmes. Available on Amazon in both kindle and paperback. Also, “Journey Of Awakening” by Ram Dass, available in paperback on Amazon.

Exploring Roots

Study the three most influential philosophers for Ernest Holmes:
• Transcendentalist writer: Ralph Waldo Emerson
• Influential Author and Judge: Thomas Troward
• Mystical teacher of teachers: Emma Curtis Hopkins

Co-facilitated by three practitioners who each have expertise related to these historic figures in New Thought, you will connect with the core of our teaching philosophy and faith. Explore the roots of Science of Mind and plant the seeds of freedom to grow in your own life based on these powerful ideas.

Marilyn O’Leary has been a CSL Practitioner for over 17 years and enjoys facilitating classes and leading workshops as part of her ministry. As a retired attorney, she is looking forward to sharing her interest in the work of Thomas Troward as part of the Roots class. His idea of Science of Mind being “open at the top” for our own exploration is particularly interesting and will be discussed.

Christine Duvall is a seasoned practitioner and educator, and she is very interested in and enthusiastic about Emma Curtis Hopkins. Christine says, “Hopkins’ work has helped me build my character. I love her writings, because they are alive with mystical truth and power for healing personal, interpersonal, and societal conditions.”

Kamatara Johnson is a practitioner, ministerial intern, and educator who values Science of Mind as a way to open the mind and the heart. Exploring Roots does both as well. Having taught Ralph Waldo Emerson before to high school juniors in American Lit, she appreciates the power of his ideas that are still relevant today.

Register for Exploring Roots

Via Zoom on Tuesday nights
Starting March 02
6:30-8:00 pm MST
Cost: $295
Length: 10 weeks
Books: Emerson’s Essays, Troward’s The Edinburgh and Dore Lectures on Mental Science, and Emma Curtis Hopkins’ Scientific Christian Mental Practice, and the class workbook via PDF. (NOTE: all the books are free electronically)