Affirming Divinity: Return to Love

Affirming Divinity: Return to Love
by Nancy Bowers, RScP

Breathe into this moment. Allow the richness of it to ignite your soul. God is in, through and around this now. God’s Love is right here, right now. It is blessing you, bestowing upon you all that you need to release all notions that there is anything wrong. Deep within, at the core of being, God’s peace pulses through. It illuminates all darkness. It lifts us back into Heaven. It whispers that the only thing “wrong” is our resistance. By judging anything or anyone as defective, we are missing the gift.

Let us return to the Love that is our natural inheritance. Let us embrace what is and remember that even when appearances fail to match our preferences, we are still being gifted an opportunity to look past our discontentment to the face of Christ. Christ is within all our brothers and sisters. Christ is within us. Let us marinate in that Perfect Love, that Love without restriction, without conditions, without judgment. Let us be with one another without imposing our preferences upon our disagreements. None of that matters. Only the Love is real. All the rest is simply our humanness blocking our ability to experience Divinity.

I affirm the Divinity in all of us. We are One. We are Compassion and Understanding. We are not our judgments and I affirm that each of us let go of all impulse to choose being right over being kind. We are Kindness, for we are made in the likeness and image of Divinity; we are made of Kindness.

May we allow ourselves to fully experience God’s treasures. May we remember that Truth is Love and we are it. May our hearts be filled with gratitude and overflowing with Spirit’s solace. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, Lord. I am forever grateful for each moment I remember Truth and return, once again, to the Love God sends my way.

Knowing it is all already done, I release these words, knowing God has already answered my prayer. There is no need to resist, for God’s Love is forever in the middle of Now.

And so it is.