Again I Turn To Divine Source

Chris Duvall, RScP

Again I Turn To Divine Source
by Chris Duvall, RScP

Again I turn to Divine Source.  I look up to the High Holy Light.  I look within to the Deep Innermost Essence.  I take on the discipline of Divine description:

“GOD WITH US – Complete Understanding, Acceptance, Comfort, Friendship, Joy. 

MIGHTY GOD –Creator, Dissolver, Healer, Liberator, Provider. 

VAST ALL SEEING INTELLIGENCE – Wise Counselor, Master Teacher, Evolving Fulfillment, Perfect Rest.”

In this practice of returning to Source to see and speak of Spirit, I connect the Light Beyond with the light within, and I create an embodied channel through which Spirit works miracles for me, into my corner of the world.  As many corners of the world are enlightened, darkness disappears and the planet realizes its good.

Today on behalf of each reader, I declare the experience of joy through the practice of divine sight and speech.  Through this practice, Light’s presence and power dissolve all effects of the downward look and lay a foundation for a strong character patterned after Christ.  New effects of the life centered in Source are steady love, liberation, health, wellbeing, peace, plenty, and answer to prayer.

I give thanks in advance for the Joy of the disciplined life.  I give thanks for the accomplishments of the faithful, for the advancement of Peace, for the Light of these Holy Days being intimately experienced and broadly known.  I bless each reader as I lovingly release this word into Law. 

And so it is.