by Rev. Gil Olmstead, Spiritual Director

The crisp air reminds us we are alive. The hot sun reminds us we are alive. The loving embrace of another reminds us we are alive. The sting of a bee on a summers day reminds us we are alive.

All things point to being alive – or simply life. It is but one thing, one power, one source, activity that is this aliveness. I am that aliveness. I am that energy. I am that power.

Knowing this, I know that I Am in all things. Everywhere I am is a perfect expression of this life. My body, my spirit, my mind, my soul – all this is my aliveness. All is in divine order. All I need is alive in me right now! I am this very aliveness!

And it is with gratitude that I know, accept, and cherish my aliveness. 

Simply knowing that it is, I release all to the aliveness that is mine.

And So It is!