All is for Good

Tilia Giron, RScP

All is for Good
by Tilia Giron, RScP

All is for good.
I claim this all goodness
In me and everywhere about me
In me and in everything about and beyond me.

I accept the good even in disguise.
For the disguise beckons.
Let it call me.
Yes, I hear and I choose to take up the mantle.

For I know All Goodness lies in The One Good.
That Good is within me and you.
Right here. Right now.
And, I accept.
Along with Strength and Courage
Peace and Kindness.

I know the truth of who I am, and who you are.
An integral part of The Divine
The Divine in you as you.
In me as me.
In us all.

Disguise has not a chance.
Disease you are disguised.
Gifts abound.
Clearly, deeply.

Let go of all you don’t need.
Let go
As you do, I do, And the load goes with it.
Free again. Lighter. Gentler. More expansive.
Alive. Fully. Filled with light.
As the beauty, We are.
And So it is!