All My Needs are Met

All My Needs are Met
by Marylyn Kirk, RScP

I know that everywhere is the presence of the one Source that knows only good. This Source provides overflowing abundance in the universe, and expresses as abundance of all kinds, including money, financial prosperity, good health, plentiful friends, positive energy, and safety.

Knowing that my good surrounds and permeates all that exists, I claim my oneness with it. This good expresses and flows within me and through me.  I am one with the abundance of the universe and all my needs are met. 

Right here and right now, I experience the abundance of infinite Spirit.  I welcome the pouring forth of this abundance in the form of expected and unexpected income, financial increase, and material prosperity.  I have plenty of money for whatever I desire to do, and I enjoy life to the fullest. I am completely comfortable with my financial situation. I am safe and well cared for in every way.  I spend my money wisely and I am confident in the knowledge that my finances are in sound condition.    I am open and receptive to the generous outpouring of abundance from the infinite good. I welcome it. I accept it.  I embody it.   And I know that all my needs are met all the time.

I am grateful and give thanks for the wonderful good now established in my life.  With deep gratitude, I give a heartfelt “thank you” for the bountiful abundance that is now mine.

I now release these words to the action of Love and Law, knowing that my good is manifesting right now!

And so it is.