Tilia Giron, RScP

by Tilia Giron, RScP

I allow Love to lead me and to show me the way. And in this moment, I choose to be with what it is, to let love and its sidekicks – Allowing and Neutrality – be my daily companions and witness with me whatever it is that occurs.

I know that whatever it is that occurs is for my utmost good. I believe, know and claim – unlike Hobbes – that this is a good and loving Universe with Love at its very core. Therefore, there is nothing that can possibly occur that cannot be for our – yours and mine – highest most-needed beneficial good.

I claim and I hold this even as I also recognize that not everything in the world or in my or your world is perfect or exactly as we would like. But, I do know and believe that everything that exists does so from Love and for Love and with love at its very highest center in every single moment without exception. And so, as challenges come my way, I hold fervently to my knowing and to my Beloved and I release and I allow and I accept. And I choose to accept these without pre-judging or coloring them, rather I intend to allow them in neutrality and open-mind and open heart, not knowing where they may lead or into what evolve.

And as I allow, I allow that Benevolent Good to work its magic in my world. I allow the gifts at the center of that Divine Opportunity to unravel themselves and reveal in their own time and manner the good and the gold that awaits me. I know this, I look to this and I expect this.

I am so grateful for this good that is here, this good that awaits me, this good that loves me, this good that has only good at its center with love in all its multitudinal forms – Love that awaits me generously and bountifully in unlimited form and manner that I cannot even imagine. I claim this good as my very own and as yours knowing that what seems like imperfection holds its own perfection.

And I am grateful to know this truth, to know The Truth and the Love and the Honey that waits for me and for you. I am grateful to allow apparent challenges, opportunities and gifts to flow forward in their own time and place, their own manner and guise. And so, I stand in the truth of my knowing This Good, This Divine Love and I allow all that is to be, to occur in its own time, knowing that I and you can be nothing other than blessed, daily and eternally. I am grateful for all the many blessings right here right now and there are many, and I am very very blessed, more blessed than I could ever imagine. I claim this blessing for you and me and everyone reading this prayer.

Grateful for this knowing, I release my word and so it is.