Already Full

Nancy Bowers, RScP

Already Full
by Nancy Bowers, RScP

“If I have no appetite – it is because I am already full. If I have no desire to go anywhere – it is because I have already arrived.” – Max Strom, A Life Worth Breathing: A Yoga Master’s Handbook of Strength, Grace and Healing  

God is Perfection: sometimes in a messy, I-can’t-see-how-the-pieces-fit sort of appearance, true enough; but when I look beyond my narrow perspective, when I gaze upon the whole (usually in retrospect!), I notice how perfectly the parts mesh into beauty.  God is everywhere present.  All is in Divine Right Order, for God is Pure Satisfaction, Perfect Peace. It wants for nothing. God is already full, brimming with Love and Peace and Joy.  Beyond appearances, free of judgment, the Universe is a symphony.  It is melodious.  It soothes the soul.  Love is always here in this moment.  Now is already full. 

And this morning, my soul is soothed for it recognizes God’s Beauty.  I hear the birds singing.  I marvel at spring. still there beneath the light blanket of April snow.  I am in the presence of the Divine and in the moment of recognition, I revel in my own satisfaction.  I let go of ideas of thinking anything is wrong.  Instead I allow the deep, deep satisfaction of Spirit to settle into my center. How good it is to rest in gratitude.  I am already full, and, in that recognition, I want for nothing. 

The Peace of God is mine.  This realization does not mean that I will no longer desire anything, but it does mean that I can let go of fear.  For God knows my prayers the moment my heart births them.  I need do nothing beyond what I am directed to do in this moment.  It is safe to trust. I am led by the Love of God.  I am guided by the voice of the Holy Spirit.  I am steeped in profound delight as I notice the myriad ways that Spirit answers my prayers.  It may not always be comfortable, for Spirit insists on pulling me towards a greater version of myself, but I can rest in “already full.” God has my back.  Always. There can be no lack.  There are only moments that I am blinded to all the love that surrounds me because I have allowed my own small ideas to usurp the gifts of God.  I have erected blocks to the awareness of love’s presence, but no more!  I notice how full life is.  I see how bursting with blessings it is.  I embrace “already full.”  It is so good to know there was never anything wrong.

How grateful I am to “already full.”  How peaceful it is to trust fall into God’s ideas.  I know there cannot be anything to resist for God is a loving God.  Source Energy listens and answers and I am so grateful to relax into faith and allow God to handle the details. 

So I let go.  No more scrambling.  No more panic.  I am already full.  And so it is.  Amen.