Always On

Nancy Bowers RScP

Always On
by Nancy Bowers, RScP

God is always on.  Light, Love, Peace, Joy are always available. For although I live in the appearance of duality, God is Absolute, Clear, Simple.  His answer is always Love.  That is Its Beingness – Total Love and there is never a moment when It is absent.

So knowing this Truth about God, I recognize that I live in that Omnipresence.  I cannot escape It and when I think I am separate from It, I am delusional.  God is always On, always Here, always Now.  I am never alone, for God placed His Voice within me.  That’s how connected we are!  God placed His Voice inside you, too, and so you, too, are eternally plugged into the Divine.

So I remember in this moment that the solution to every problem is to ask.  Ask the Holy Spirit.  Ask the Voice for God.  Because we have free will and God allows us to pretend that we are separate beings, we have to ask to be lifted, asked to be supported, ask for the answers.  “Ask and ye shall receive,” but you do have to ask.

Quit waiting for the perfect moment.  Quit resisting.  Ask.  Beyond my ideas of right or wrong, good or bad, wanted or unwanted, things just are.  Underneath appearances is God.  The Essence that I call the Holy Spirit is forever available as a resource.

So in this moment, I affirm that when life presses and appearances fail to match expectations, I fall to my knees and pray.  I surrender to the wisdom of a Higher Power.  I ask for help. I remember that I am forever connected.  I remember that God is always On.  I claim for you, too, the ability to use Source Energy; to remember that you have unlimited access to the Divine.

I marinate in the Goodness of God and give thanks that It is always on, that I cannot be separate from It, that I am forever united with It.  And I give thanks for knowing that just as this is true of me, it is true of each and every person on the planet.

Then I let go, knowing it is already done because God is always on.  And So It Is.  Amen.