Ancestral Namaste

Lesha Kitts RScP

Ancestral Namaste
by Lesha Kitts, RScP

Today I take a moment to reflect on how the celebration of Dia de Los Muertos moves my soul and renews my appreciation of those that have created the path on which my life journey began. All the generations that navigated their way through pains, sorrows, triumphs, celebrations, loss, discovery, war, peace, famine, natural wonders and disasters, sunsets, sunrises, births, deaths and everything else that life laid down in front of them. They offered up the best of themselves to build and create the very best they could for me. Most of them have never physically laid eyes on me. But, they worked and nurtured the soil, and planted their most precious seed, which would grow from the purest of love they offered. Generation after generation, taking on the path, where the previous generation ended. Improving it as they grew from their collective human experiences. All for me. All for me, right here, right now, in this moment. I am humbled by this awareness. And I am in deep gratitude for every moment that they pushed through fears, challenges and heartbreak to uncover the spiritual strength that guided them onward. It all was and is in Divine Right Order.

In this moment that I am flooded with complete awe, love and appreciation of those that have come before me and the path they handed to me. Thank you. It is beautiful. I will cherish what you created and I am honored to be an expression of our family.

So as Dia de Los Muertos passes for another year, I cling to and deeply inhale the fragrance of the Marigolds that are so prevalent during this holiday. The sweetness that is what life becomes as it unfolds and its humus earthiness that reveals and reminds us of the source from which it grew.

I graciously honor my ancestors and to them all, I bow my head and say, “Namaste”.

With awareness in my mind, conviction in my heart, illumination in my soul, and Joy expressing through me, as me, just as my ancestors intended, I release my words of gratitude into Universal Law, allowing it to shine to their fullest potential and accepting that as I have spoken, IT IS DONE!

And So It Is!