Anger Cannot Stand in Love’s Shadow

Rev. Martha Quintana. Senior Minister

Anger Cannot Stand in Love’s Shadow
by Rev. Martha Quintana, Senior Minister

This week I have been in prayer over the events in Charlottesville and Barcelona. I have been in prayer over the reaction of the President, the reaction of the people to the President’s comments, and our reactions to each other. It is human to have anger. Anger is the way we know that a boundary has been violated.  However, anger is information and not a way to live. Anger cannot raise the vibration of the world; only Love can make a new path to a new world.  This prayer is for all of us who wish to cast a new vision in Love and know that we are the way show-ers. Pray with me for that new world.  Rev. Martha Quintana

“I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness the astonishing light of your own being.”― Hafiz of Shiraz

Prayer: There is One Life, the Life so ancient that It precedes time. This One Life is so huge that all of the galaxies put together are only a thumbnail in It, and It is so brilliant that the brightest star pales in comparison. I call this One Life Good. Contained in this Good is everything – Peace, Happiness, Love, Goodness, Joy, Beauty, and Truth. This Good is Real and True.

And I am real and true. I am born of this brilliant, amazing good and all of it is contained in me – peace, happiness, love, goodness, joy, beauty, and truth. I am never alone and my life shines bright. As I know this for me, I know this for the person reading this prayer. You are the light and good of Life making itself known in, as, and through you. You are never alone.

In this moment, I affirm and declare peace, the peace that surpasses all human understanding. I stand in Peace’s wake and let it rise up from inside of me. It surrounds me and lets me know that whatever I see that has made me angry is only temporary. I am a changeless being in changing conditions so I know this, too, shall pass. Peace, love, and harmony are far more powerful than what has made me angry and so I choose these. I gather them to my spirit and soul and know that today I choose. Whenever anger or anything disturbing comes up, I follow peace and know that it leads me to the solution. I am protected and I am blessed. Nothing can diminish the light of Love.

I am so grateful for this knowing. I am happy that I can choose, and that I am made of the fabric of Life. I am happy, joyous, and free. This is the way of my life and I’m grateful. I’m grateful for good relations between all people and the seeming darkness fades into the light. I am grateful our human race is elevated, and through this elevation, it is healed. I love knowing this.

With a grateful heart, I release this prayer into the Law with the knowledge that all is well. And so it is. Amen.