Answers and Knowing

Answers and Knowing
by Chaplain Tilia Giron, RScP

Tilia Giron, RScP

I claim my Light.
And with that Light, I know I have the answer to any and all questions I may have.
And as I do, you do.

I know that You and I as Vehicles of Light have all the answers. All. 

That’s because we are in the Light. We are made up of Light, Divine Light. 

Where we, or I, don’t have answers, it’s because I think I don’t.  
I sometimes doubt myself. 

I find, that’s where the turmoil begins. 
It is so easy to doubt ourselves in a world of activity, commotion, apparent chaos and drama. 

Indeed, you and I as the substance of Light unequivocally have the answers we seek. 

I know and I claim we not only live in the Light, we are composed of the Light, it is the very essence of what we are. As such, we have absolute perfect inner knowing.

So, if we sink into the inner well, that Fountain and Reservoir of our Inner Light and Wisdom, we do, indeed, know and recognize the answer to our questions. 

The answer simply rises out of the ethers and presents itself to you and me, crystal clear and effortlessly. 

Therefore, let us trust and join with delight in our own light, Divine Light, as One, Knowing the answer is already wonderfully within. 

Grateful to know this beautiful truth, I release my word.

And so it is!