Anticipation Of Goodness

Anticipation Of Goodness
by Barbara Hernandez, Former RScP

The blessing of the day is before me. I feel the love of the Universe in my chest, surrounding me in a hug. It is that presence of the Universal Oneness that is me and is all that exists in this experience.

I take in a deep breath and allow it to fill me releasing all feelings unlike itself, anything that is less than pure LOVE, happiness, gratitude, joy, fulfillment.

I am this and so much more. I go about my day today with anticipation of the goodness I will see in all I encounter. In situations that might appear to be against these principles, I look past and see the wholeness of the ONE perfect presence, enveloping each person, their words and their desires. I know perfection is unfolding in all of my affairs and those I encounter on this day.

I am so grateful for this knowing and this experience for it is MY LIFE and that life is good and fulfilling. I again take in a deep breath and fill my body with this knowing and a sense of PEACE.

I release this outcome to the Law knowing it is already done, knowing that my day is exactly as I have declared it to be.

And so it is.