Chris Duvall, RScP

As I Breathe In, As I Breathe Out

As I Breathe In, As I Breathe Out
by Chris Duvall, RScP

As I breathe in, I lift my inner eye to look at Oneness, Wholeness, Love.  I look at Ease, Flowing Energy, Joy.

As I breathe out, I release attachment to ideas of separation.  I see through appearances of unkindness.  I set aside assumptions about others’ situations.  I wash away worries and mistaken judgements until all inner channels are open and clear. 

I declare that I am the breath of God.  I have the sight of God, the faith of God.  The sufficiency of Divine Life is mine.  Love flows and extends Itself through me and all within my realm.  All that needs to be done is effortlessly and creatively accomplished.  My heart envelopes Divine Purpose and wills It forth through a word which is in straight-up alignment with Divine Understanding.

I’m grateful for Spirit’s grace now unfolding with harmonious collaboration, a shared outlook, and laughter.

I release this prayer into the inevitability of Spiritual Law, knowing that it is done.  And so it is.