As the Wind Blows

As the Wind Blows
by Rev. Gil Olmstead, Senior Minister

As the wind blows, Spirit is. As rivers flow, Spirit is. As the deer run and the tiger stalks, Spirit is. As the ants build and the hummingbird flys, Spirit is. Spirit is everywhere expressing; therefore we are expressing Spirit! We are one with the magnificence of Spirit, and we can be none other.

Knowing this I know that all life is telling me I am loved and that you are love. You and I are perfectly expressing the beauty of life with every breath. All that is is ours to embrace. Every need is satisfied, every desire fulfilled. Every cell is functioning with grace and ease. There is nothing that eludes us if we allow ourselves to witness and embrace the wonder of Spirit loving us.

I am grateful to know this truth and to have the opportunity to speak this word. I release all of this knowing that there is nothing for you or I to do!

And So It Is!