Basking in the Peace

Basking in the Peace
by Rev. Karen Linsley, M.A., Interim Minister

I am basking in the peace that comes from knowing that god is everywhere present and that it is all good all the time.

I am basking in the clarity that comes from remembering that I am a part of god and god is a part of me. I am a unique and individualized manifestation of god.

And so I speak my word for compassion for all, for peace for all, for wisdom for all, and for clarity for all. I speak my word that I know compassion for those who can’t or won’t. I speak my word for the peace of mind that comes with doing what is ours to do. I speak my word for the grace that comes with wisdom and the clarity that comes with that wisdom. Peace, clarity, wisdom, compassion.

It is what I know to be true, and so I release this word into the law knowing it is done.

With great gratitude, I anchor:

And so it is.