Beautiful Visions

Chris Duvall, RScP

Beautiful Visions
by Chris Duvall, RScP

I recognize Causal Energy and Will from the Universal Heart of the Highest Vibration of Love. This is the Inclusive Omni Power, Presence and Intelligence, the Oneness & Wholeness from which All originates. All of Life is of this Great I AM. As we recognize It, surrender into It, and allow It to saturate us with Its Understanding, we arise into Its Well-Being and speak Its Word of Power. Because of this, Divine Love, Beauty, Order, and Goodness of every kind flourishes.

In this willing unity with Divine Power, we speak Beautiful Visions into being:

We see the children divinely protected and guided on the path of wellness.

Families and all of our people have safe, comfortable, and beautiful homes.

Our food is healthy, abundant and joyfully shared with others, for that promotes the creation of strong communities.

We are now able to discover the talents, kindness, and good will of friends and neighbors.

We respect and enjoy our differences, for we see that they enrich our lives and our perceptions of the world.

Teachers are sharing their wisdom and knowledge, for this answers the calling of their souls.

We now honor and respect the profound wisdom of our elders, the tribes, and all spiritual leaders.

We have become alert to our neighbors’ needs and are ready to help where appropriate.

We walk with each other hand in hand, and we celebrate the goodness of life.

Workers are working at jobs they enjoy, for this increases their sense of dignity and purpose.

Farmers are farming, blessed by richness of the land.

Money is abundant and flowing easily from hand to hand to fulfill everybody’s needs.

Police and armed forces are happy to protect their communities in a gentle and respectful manner.

Mother Earth is smiling for she is blessed, acknowledged, and protected by all her inhabitants.

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All is well and at peace.

On behalf of all I now joyfully accept, receive, and integrate the good now becoming manifest. I place our prayer into the inevitability of Spiritual Law with great gratitude for all Spiritual Resources now winging this word into manifestation.