Alejandro Sifuentes Outreach Practitioner

by Alejandro Sifuentes, RScP
Outreach Practitioner, San Antonio, TX

“The Universe is for me not against me.
As I Trust the Goodness of my Being my Becoming is the Revelation that I am”.

I know that Beauty and Goodness is the Expression of God. Spirit and its Sacredness is the movement and Action of The Hand of Divine Providence. I know that this Action is Grace and the Eternal Love of the Eternal Giver.

I speak my word and know in this moment for those who read and see these words that there is an inner knowingness of Hope in all Humanity. I know that the convection of faith Reveals a higher avenue for Beauty and its Love to inspire us all into a Greater and deeper expression and understanding of the Divinity that we are. I know that this inspiration reveals to us all the truth of our being its gifts and the ways and means of its importance for Light on this planet. I know that as we see and express the excellence and beauty of our divinity that others are inspired. I know that there is enough for everyone for the Eternality and Infinite is a natural way of Life and Living. I know and Trust that as we move forward expressing our creative essence of being that our courage is expressed with humility that reveals a Unity of Oneness and respect for ourselves and others.

I am grateful to know and speak my words for I know they are life. In thanksgiving I release them and I know they are heard and made manifest Now.

And so it is