Being Set Free

Being Set Free
by Rev. Martha Quintana, Senior Minister

When I was a little girl, my mother wouldn’t wear red. She looked beautiful in that color, but she wouldn’t wear it. For most of my life she wouldn’t tell me why.  Then about a couple of years before she passed, she told me she wouldn’t wear red because she was too dark-complected. I was startled by this and asked her who’d told her that. She said her mother and grandmother. I responded that I thought she looked beautiful in red and asked, now that she was the elder (well into her 80’s) and her parents were no longer alive, when would she let herself shine? She abruptly changed the subject and I thought that was that.

A fews days later, she bought and wore a beautiful red blouse. When I first saw her, I could see her scrutinizing my face for judgment. There was none. I believed she looked beautiful and smiled so hard I thought my face would crack. She was lovely, radiant, and, most importantly, she’d been set free. She set me free that day, too, from some of the things I tell myself I can’t do for whatever reason.

Now that I’m the elder and my parents have left this plane, I want to be set free from all the things I’ve told myself that hold me back. This prayer is for all of us who wish to be set free from the ancient voices that hold all of us back. 


There is a stirring in my heart to live so fiercely that I am set free. Dear Life, I am calling! Life, that One Essence that is Everywhere, I call you now with a passion so fierce and a voice so loud, that I see you everywhere. Life is in the clouds crowning the mountain, in the laughter and voices of my classmates, in the egrets outside, and in every person everywhere for all time. Life is!

Because Life is, I am. I am all that it is, the fierce passion of love, the color red, peace, joy, happiness, health, and beauty. I am all that life is. As I know this for me, I know this for the person reading this prayer right now.

I affirm and declare freedom. From this moment forward, I am free from the voices that have held me back – the ones I’ve crafted to say I can’t do more. From this moment forward, I am free to be enough. I am free to live in peace, joy, and freedom. My body is perfect, my mind is free, and my joy is boundless. I am free. This freedom extends to every member of my family, natal and spiritual, and to all friends and members of my community. Freedom is the birthright that allows our humanity to evolve. I declare and accept it.

I am grateful to be free, grateful for my mother, grateful for all the bold members of my family and grateful that I am perfect in my body, mind, and spirit. I am happy to see and experience these moments of perfection for this is peace in action.

Knowing this life is good and I am happy, I release my word back into the law knowing it cannot come back to me void. And so it is. Amen.